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Module 1 : Non-Surgical Hair Rejuvenation

  1. Hair Loss
  2. Types of Hair Loss
  3. Hair Rejuvenation Techniques
  4. PRP, QR678, Stem Cells, Mesotheraapy
  5. Details and usage of each technique
  6. Indications of Hair Growth
    • Male Pattern Hair Loss
    • Female Pattern Hair loss
    • Hair Line Rejuvenation
    • Androgentic Alopecia
    • Telogen Effluvium
    • Alopecia Areata
    • Alopecia due to chemotherapy
    • Alopecia due to systemic diseases;thyroid, PCOS
    • Scarring Alopecia
    • Cosmeceuticls, Nutraceuticals and Details about Hair Products
  1. Cosmeceuticls, Nutraceuticals and Details about Hair Products
  1. Product Availability



Module 1 : Surgical Hair Rejuvenation

  1. What is Hair Transplantation
  2. Types
  3. Armamentarium
  4. Techniques
  5. Tips and Tricks
  6. Setting up a practice
  7. Patient evaluation
  8. Pre and Post-Transplant Medicinal management
  9. Patient Demonstration and Live Surgery

Module 2: Hair Transplantation Surgery

  1. Hands-on to all the participants





The International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery (IAFCS) was set up to correct the lacunae in training in Cosmetic Surgery globally. The IAFCS aims to provide state of the art and cutting edge medical aesthetic training to medical professionals looking to improve their practice and/or open a new practice. Facial Training Academy has a unique model, providing quality, comprehensive medical aesthetic training.

  • Focus on Quality: Our primary focus is on providing quality training to medical professionals. Our training modules and workshops are designed by knowledgeable and trained experts of the field and we only use up to date training materials & methods.
  • Hands on Training on live models: Training is never complete, just by observing. Having enough expertise in evaluating actual patents, assisting in their aesthetic procedures & having enough hands on patients, are all critical elements in learning to set up practices & deal with real life situations.
  • Practice management skills: We deliver & teach comprehensive practice management skills to enable our participants to open their own practices, after completing the course. This will include practical tips, marketing & financial advice and guidance on equipment purchase.
  • Training even after the completion of the course: We believe in helping all our present and pest participants to expand their knowledge continuously. Our course model includes monthly newsletters, and training manual and upgradation courses that will help the practitioners keep up to date with the latest changes and innovations, in order to help their practice.
  • Accreditation: All courses of the IAFCS are accredited by the prestigious Indian Society Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (ISFPRS).



ISFPRS acts as a forum for interaction between the professionals involved in the field of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 

The main objectives of the society are:

  • Organizing continuing medical education programmes, workshops and seminars for dissipation of knowledge in this field.
  • To publish newsletters pertaining to the activities of the society and publish journal promoting the interests and scientific advancement in the field of Facial Plastic
  • To promote interest in the specialty among the junior professionals by organizing CME activities and arranging
  • To have affiliation, interaction and combined activities with other international and national societies with similar



The Esthetic Clinics ™ are a group of world-class centers, dedicated to plastic surgery & skin care of theentire body. We practice evidence-based medicine & perform cosmetic surgery for beauty, plasticsurgery for birth abnormalities, plastic surgery for fractures, trauma & cancer induced facial deformities,provide laser surgery & many cosmetic solutions for skin cosmesis.

The Esthetic Clinics believes that being an aesthetic caregiver is a path of great responsibility and a relationship of a lifetime. Our patients stick with us for long periods of time, often decades. This allows us to know them, their faces, their skin and their desires intimately and suggest changes which actually keeps them looking better and better, with time. Our belief is The Esthetic Clinics were voted as the “Most Promising & Innovative Cosmetic Clinics 2016” at the historic Pharma Leaders Summit & Awards 2016.

The Esthetic Clinics have been rated by the Times Health Survey 2019, 2020 and 2021 (Survey by the Times of India, India’s top most newspaper) as being one of the top Clinics in Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology, Cosmetology and Trichology in Mumbai, India, for these three consecutive years. This again highlights our status and recognition as one of the Best Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Skin and Hair Care and Dentistry Clinics in India.




Dr. Debraj Shome

Internationally trained in Facial Plastic Surgery & Facial Cosmetic Surgery with 14 years experience

  • Allergan Key Opinion Leader for Asia Pacific region
  • More than 200 doctors trained globally in Facial Aesthetics
  • More than 50 peer reviewed international publications in Facial Cosmetic Surgery
  • Winner of Multiple Awards for his pioneering work



Dr. Rinky Kapoor

  • Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dermatosurgeon & Director – The Esthetic Clinics
  • More than 30 papers in Top International Research Journals and 2 International Patents
  • Co-Founder and Inventor of the QR678 Hair Growth Therapy
  • Trained from the Top Dermatologists in USA & Singapore
  • Awarded by Multiple Agencies as the Best Dermatologist in India






 I had pleasure of attending a series of 3 courses conducted by Dr. Debraj Shome, with the support of Allergan Pharma on the subject of ‘The use of botulinum toxin and fillers in facial aesthetics.’ The courses were extremely useful. They covered practical anatomy evaluation, principles and theory of treatment and the injection techniques. The courses were very professional, superbly planned and executed. Dr. Debraj Shome added a lot of weight to the courses by his immense knowledge, practical experience and skills. I have gained a lot from being a part of these courses.

I would like to compliment Dr. Debraj Shome for his passion for excellence and teaching in this field.


Dr. Ashok Kumar Grover

Awarded Padma Shri by Government of India Chairman – Department of Ophthalmology

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital & Vision Eye Centres, New Delhi, India


Joining the Fellowship in Aesthetics course at International Academy of Facial Aesthetics has given me the confidence to embark on a new practice in cosmetic surgery. The training is comprehensive and delivered by experts in the field. The course the latest non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedures along with an overview of surgical procedures like Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty etc. which enable me to make better and more effective treatment plans for my patients.   I can no perform a full-face lift, Botox, filler and thread lift with better understanding and confidence.

Dr. Shilpa Taneja Mittal

Consultant Facial Plastic Surgeon, New Delhi, India


I was privileged to learn the best Botox and dermal filler injection techniques at IAFCS. The teaching techniques of the institute explain the fundamentals very clearly. I am now confident in identifying the areas that need to be worked on and how to go ahead with the proocedures like injectables, botox, fillers, LASERs, Chemical peels and Non-surgical Hair therapy.. I learnt how to get the best cosmetic results, how to tailor my treatments to the patient’s requirement and various other aspects of a facial cosmetic surgery such as how to manage complications. I am grateful to the team of IAFCS for this comprehensive Facial Aesthetic training.

Dr. Garima Balpande

Consultant Dermatologist, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India



I attended the fellowship program in Facial Aesthetic Surgery at IAFCS. I found them to be very informative. Everything was A+ on the course, the environment, the professionalism of the trainers as well as instructors and the quality of the course. I would recommend this course to everybody who is looking to start their own practice in facial aesthetics. The teaching method, delivery and course content are beyond approach. We were given plenty of time to practice the learned skills. Thank you

Dr. Wadekar GM

Consultant ENT Surgeon, Pune, India



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