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Dr. Ashok Kumar Grover

I had pleasure of attending a series of 3 courses conducted by Dr. Debraj Shome, with the support of Allergan Pharma on the subject of ‘The use of botulinum toxin and fillers in facial aesthetics.’ The courses were extremely useful. They covered practical anatomy evaluation, principles and theory of treatment and the injection techniques. The courses were very professional, superbly planned and executed. Dr. Debraj Shome added a lot of weight to the courses by his immense knowledge, practical experience and skills. I have gained a lot from being a part of these courses.

I would like to compliment Dr. Debraj Shome for his passion for excellence and teaching in this field. PDF


Padma Shree Dr. Ashok Kumar Grover
Chairman – Department of Ophthalmology
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
& Vision Eye Centres

As an ophthalmologist facial aesthetics always excited me. To increase my horizon and arena of practice I wanted to venture into the field of facial aesthetics. My search for an ideal training in this field stopped at the training course on facial aesthetics conducted by “The Esthetic Clinics”.

The training program is congruous to the expectations of general ophthalmologists and oculoplastic surgeons wanting a plunge in this field. It is customised, affordable, adequate yet comprehensive exposure in the field of facial aesthetics. The whole course is well poised with theoretical lectures and practical hands on exposure on dermal fillers and botox.

Mentor of the course Dr. Debraj Shome is a very lucid and eloquent teacher and gives so much encouragement to his students. He is a pleasant personality, affable, proficient and makes the whole training course very interactive, buoyant and exciting.

I would highly endorse this training course by “The Esthetic Clinics” to all my ophthalmologists colleagues seeking an insight or training in facial aesthetics.

Dr. Lobsang Tsetsim
Senier Ophthalmologist
Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Dr Pragati ShubhaDr. Debraj Shome was one of the National Chief faculty at the Fellowship in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic surgery, organised in September 2019, at Akash Hospital, Indore, India.

Dr. Shome’s lectures on facial plastic surgery, facial aesthetics and hands on training for botox and dermal fillers were a great learning experience for me. It was extremely comprehensive.

I appreciated his holistic approach to facial rejuvenation and also how the basic principles behind each procedure were stressed on and very beautifully explained.

Dr. Pragati Shubha


I had the pleasure to attend the Facial Aesthetics course by Dr. Debraj Shome. The course on facial aesthetics is well structured and useful for all modern day clinicians. There were Doctors of various experiences. There were also Doctors of multiple specialties, including Plastic surgery, Dermatology, Maxillofacial surgery, Oculoplastic surgery and Ophthalmology.

This course not only gives you good theoretical knowledge about botox and fillers but also enough hands on experience to inculcate them in your practice. As facial aesthetics gathers momentum in Ophthalmology going, Dr Debraj Shome’s course is indeed something anyone can safely count on. With his support I’ve been able to assess patients and independently perform procedures.

Dr. Smita Kapoor
Vision Eye Centre, New Delhi


Dr. Shilpa Taneja MittalJoining the Fellowship in Aesthetics course at International Academy of Facial Aesthetics has given me the confidence to embark on a new practice in cosmetic surgery. The training is comprehensive and delivered by experts in the field. Without the hands on training and constant support that I received form the mentors, my practice would not resemble what it does today. The course the latest non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedures along with an overview of surgical procedures like Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty etc. which enable me to make better and more effective treatment plans for my patients.  I can no perform a full-face lift, Botox, filler and thread lift with better understanding and confidence.

My Fellowship in Aesthetics Course has enabled me to do a full-face lift, Botox, Filler, Thread lift with greater confidence. This is all possible because of Dr Shome and the after course support that I have been received from the International Academy of Facial Aesthetics has been outstanding. The entire experience has been an eye opener in terms of understanding the nuances of facial anatomy at the muscular level, where to inject the filler and the parts of the anatomy to avoid.

I attended the Beautify with Botox one day class recently and the practical, comprehensive hands on training that was given to us and made me much more comfortable and confident. I can now go in my practice knowing that I can deal with anything that comes up myself. The high training standards emphasized on practical sessions with live patients made it a unique experience. I will definitely joining the Dermal Fillers class soon.

Dr. Shilpa Taneja Mittal
Consultant Facial Plastic Surgeon, New Delhi, India

Dr. Diwa lamichhaneThe follow up support I received in my dermal fillers class was great. Dr Shome is a very good speaker and very thorough about everything he is teaching. I never thought learning facial anatomy would be as intense as it has been on this course. The course was delivered in a structural manner, which made it easy to follow. Hands on training is the only correct way to learn dermal fillers and I got plenty of opportunity to do so in this class. We were paired in small groups for hands on practice and given ample time to learn the anatomy in detail. This has greatly enhanced my confidence in aesthetic works.

Dr. Diwa lamichhane
Oculoplastic Surgeon


Trapti Sharma BhalkeI attended the both Beautify with Botox and Beautify with dermal fillers course at the academy. I found them to be very informative. Everything was A+ on the course, the environment, the professionalism of the models as well as instructors and the quality of the course. I would recommend this course to everybody who is looking to start their own practice in facial aesthetics. The teaching method, delivery and course content are beyond approach. We were given plenty of time to practice the learned skills. I am looking forward to talking more classes with you. Thank you

Dr. Trapti Sharma Bhalke
Ophthalmic Surgeon



Dr. Syeda Maimuna A KhanI joined the Beautify with Botox course with a sceptical mind. I had attended courses from other agencies but was not very happy with the after course support. This course at the International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery has been an eye opener in many ways. Not only I have learned the intricacies of Botox injectable too, I have also received a complete guide on how to set up my own practice. Thanks to the incredible training, I am now confident of using Botox.  I am now armed with knowledge, skills and the confidence of starting a new journey in my career. Thank you.

I would recommend the beautify with fillers course to all professionals of all skill levels who are looking to enhance their skills. Thanks to the hands on experience that I got in this class, I have built the confidence to start doing dermal fillers with ease. The appreciation that I am getting from my patients and peers is the testimonial enough for the great experience that I had in the class at IAFCS


Dr. Syeda Maimuna A Khan
MBBS, MD – General Medicine
Hyderabad, India

Dr Nidhi PandeyI attended the non surgical facial rejuvenation  training programme ,devised by Dr Debraj Shome , in the session 2018-2019 as a trainee  .I am an oculoplasty surgeon from Lucknow and was keen to learn about the techniques of facial injections like botulinum toxin and synthetic fillers . In the very first session of this training my experience was nothing short of an eye opener . In the three sessions spread over 6 months I injected all areas of the face  under the expert guidance of  Dr Debraj himself . At the end of three sessions I was  very confident in injecting all areas of the face including lips which is one of the most sensitive and tricky sites .Dr Debraj was very patient and meticulous while training us , so even as one  got  a free hand  in  injectables  , there was no compromise on the precision of techniques and post injection care .I will always remain thankful for Dr Debraj’s mentorship .I would want to recommend this training to every doctor  who want to scale up his /her practice of facial rejuvenation .


Dr Nidhi Pandey
Consultant and head
Orbit and oculoplasty services
Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital
Lucknow and Gurugram

MBBS, MD – General Medicine
Hyderabad, India

Dr-Arpana-BansalThe aesthetics programme started by Dr Shome and Dr Mohita for ophthalmologists is a great initiative. It is very comprehensive and anybody with even no background in this field can learn it. Dr Shome makes it so simple. The hands on part really gives confidence and one is prepared for the next patient.

Then comes the most difficult part, getting hold of patients. Here also there is an ongoing support system. And there is a platform to discuss each patient u get and solutions for all the patient to patient problems. I would recommend it for all those wishing to spread their wings beyond cataract


Dr Dr. Arpana Bansal
Delhi, India

I am Dr Deepa Nair,practicing oculoplasty at Faridabad. I ws fortunate enough to attend the hands on training program on facial aesthetics (Botox and fillers) at Tirupati eye centre,Noida.i must say it such an empowering and confidence building program. Dr Debraj Shome oozes positivity and motivation ,he made sure each and every participant received personal attention and advice regarding the procedures..both theoritical and practical.

He was appreciative of our skills and critical of our mistakes which made the course intersting and fulfilling.At the end of the course, i can proudly say that I can confidently counsel and perform these aesthetic procedures without hesitation.the fact that Dr Debraj is ever available to clear the doubts and questions even after the procedure makes this course stand apart.

Dr Mohita and her team at Tirupati eye centre also had put in the best of efforts to organise and conduct these courses.Kudos to the entire team at the hospital .Thank you Dr Debraj for making it happen.i think all ophthalmologists shud undergo a training in facial aesthetics once ..and Dr Debraj is the best person who can teach you.

‘ Who & What .. made me overcome the hitch and make a switch… to Aesthetics’

I was quite content with my never ending Cataracts, pterygium’s , allergies ,etc..etc… But the day I turned 40 , I wanted something more challenging, more meaningful, especially after I came across Dr. Debraj and the workshops conducted by The Esthetic Clinics.

Considering the huge World wide demand of aesthetics, these workshops conducted in association with Allergan, are designed for practicing ophthalmologists and serve as a primer for starting the facial aesthetics practice in ophthalmology setups.

It also dwells upon the challenges faced while starting as well as the solutions for these challenges including marketing and set up.The aim of this course is to help add in a new career which would be a new armamentarium in the ophthalmology clinics & help incorporating facial aesthetics in your practice.

Dr. Shivani Sule,
Consultant Ophthalmologist,
Nagpur, India


I was privileged to learn the best Botox and dermal filler injection techniques at IAFCS. The teaching techniques of the institute explain the fundamentals very clearly. I am now confident in identifying the areas that need to be worked on and how to go ahead with the proocedures like injectables, botox, fillers, LASERs, Chemical peels and Non-surgical Hair therapy.. I learnt how to get the best cosmetic results, how to tailor my treatments to the patient’s requirement and various other aspects of a facial cosmetic surgery such as how to manage complications. I am grateful to the team of IAFCS for this comprehensive Facial Aesthetic training.

Dr. Garima Balpande
Consultant Dermatologist, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India


I attended the fellowship program in Facial Aesthetic Surgery at IAFCS. I found them to be very informative. Everything was A+ on the course, the environment, the professionalism of the trainers as well as instructors and the quality of the course. I would recommend this course to everybody who is looking to start their own practice in facial aesthetics. The teaching method, delivery and course content are beyond approach. We were given plenty of time to practice the learned skills. Thank you

Dr. Wadekar GM
Consultant ENT Surgeon, Pune, India