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International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery – Welcome to IAFCS, an unique training academy based in India, offering skills based training in all aspects of Cosmetic Surgery & Facial Aesthetics to professionals all across the globe.

Cosmetic Surgery & cosmetic procedures are elective procedures usually undertaken by normal people, to look better. Thus, cosmetic surgery is very different from any other surgical specialty, in that precision of the order of millimetres is required to make essentially normal people look better. Therefore, the skill sets required in cosmetic surgery need to be of the highest possible order.

At this moment, training in most countries is not geared towards this challenge. The mistaken belief is that merely completing a residency program in Plastic Surgery or Dermatology gives practitioners the license to practice Cosmetic Surgery & Facial Aesthetics. Nothing could be further from the truth, since proficiency in Cosmetic Surgery needs specialised consultation, evaluation & surgical skills.

The situation of training in the developing nations is often worse. Medical tourism is developing nations like India is on the rise and there is an ever increasing demand for cutting edge skills in non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures. However, the existing training standards in cosmetic surgery lack the compliance, accreditation and comparable structure with the international standards, whether it is in the fields of plastic surgery, dermatology , oral maxillo facial surgery, oculoplastic surgery or facial plastic surgery.

Since the population which seeks Cosmetic Procedures are essentially normal people, most of them are beginning to seek predictability in results, with as little risk & down time as possible. Patients are more aware of the new procedures. They are fully aware that how the use of non surgical procedures like  Botox, Dermal Fillers, Ulthera, Kybella, Facial thread lifting, Ultherapy, Lasers and others can help them achieve the most natural looking appearance without the deleterious effects of surgery. Thus, the world is changing quickly and therefore the greater need of understanding of the various less invasive cosmetic surgery procedures.

The International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery (IAFCS) was set up to correct the lacunae in training in Cosmetic Surgery globally. The IAFCS aims to provide state of the art and cutting edge medical aesthetic training to medical professionals looking to improve their practice and/or open a new practice.

It is this need & desire to provide a structured training in Cosmetic Surgery & Non Surgical Procedures, that provides a deeper understanding of all aspects of cosmetic treatments, that has led to the establishment of the IAFCS by Dr Debraj Shome.  Through courses and workshops at IAFCS, we aim to fill in the existing gap between the need and availability of trained aesthetic medical procedures.

What makes IAFCS Different?

Facial Training Academy has a unique model, providing quality, comprehensive medical aesthetic training.

  • Focus on Quality: Our primary focus is on providing quality training to medical professionals. Our training modules and workshops are designed by knowledgeable and trained experts of the field and we only use up to date training materials & methods.
  • Hands on Training on live models: Training is never complete, just by observing. Having enough expertise in evaluating actual patents, assisting in their aesthetic procedures & having enough hands on patients, are all critical elements in learning to set up practices & deal with real life situations.
  • Practice management skills: We deliver & teach comprehensive practice management skills to enable our participants to open their own practices, after completing the course. This will include practical tips, marketing & financial advise and guidance on equipment purchase.
  • Training even after the completion of the course: We believe in helping all our present and pest participants to expand their knowledge continuously. Our course model includes monthly newsletters, and training manual and upgradation courses that will help the practitioners keep up to date with the latest changes and innovations, in order to help their practice.
  • Learn at a convenient location near you: We hold our training sessions and workshops at various locations all over India, so that you save on time and money.
  • Access to training videos: Training videos contain the complete guide to the entire aesthetic procedure. This includes the discussion of the patient’s medical history, facial analysis, aesthetic consultation, complete explanation of the procedure (why’s and where ) of Botox and Dermal fillers in details along with comments. You will have access to these videos for a
  • Accreditation: All courses of the IAFCS are accredited by the prestigious Indian Society Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (IAFPRS).