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ENT or the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist have strong background in head and neck surgical oncology and specialize in otolaryngology. An ENT surgeon is often the go to person for most patients for various ear, nose and throat problem such as allergies, infections, injuries, speech and sleep problems etc. They use both surgical and non-surgical methods for treatments.

Today with more and more patients being aware of the aesthetic aspects of the treatment they expect their doctor/surgeon to correct both. For example, a patient coming with a nose allergy will also prefer to talk to the ENT specialist about the shape of the nose. In such cases an ENT specialist who has requisite facial aesthetic treatment certifications can simply advice a non-surgical rhinoplasty using fillers and gain a happy patient for himself.

Best Botox and Fillers Training, Certification Courses in Mumbai, India by Dr Debraj Shome

Facial plastic surgery has long since been the part of otolaryngology studies and ENT specialist learn both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery during their medical school education. A deep knowledge of cosmetic facial plastic surgery is essential for ENT specialists because it is a means of enhancing visual appearance of the facial features and introduce harmony to features. Procedures such as surgical facelifts, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, implants on chin and cheek, liposuction for fat reduction are some of the common treatments that ENT specialists are well trained in.

In the year 2018 alone ENT surgeons performed a huge number of surgical and non-surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty,  and about 68% of Botox injections. This is considerably far more than what plastic surgeons did. Also, botulinum toxin type A treatments contributed to the majority earning for ENT surgeons worldwide. In the last few years ENT surgeon’s growth in performing successful Botox and dermal filler treatments has gone up by 8.24% and 44.22% respectively. This confirms the trend that there is a growing foot hold among  patients all over the world preferring ENT specialist for facial aesthetic procedures.

The International Academy for Facial Cosmetic Surgery (IAFCS) helps ENT specialists further hone their skills  and meet the patient’s expectations for aesthetically acceptable results.  ENT specialist understand the social and psychologic implications that bear upon them to develop appropriate facial cosmetic surgical skills. There has been a rise in the number of ENT specialist coming to us for Botox certifications, Dermal Filler certifications and certifications in facial cosmetics.

This is because an ENT surgeon is already familiar with the use of dermal fillers and Botox in various treatments such as defects caused by head and neck cancer treatments, facial synkinesis and nasal reconstruction.

What gives ENT specialists an edge over other practitioners for facial cosmetic surgery?

In their modern curriculum ENT specialist are already given a basic knowledge of facial plastic surgery and it is natural to them to pursuing further certifications in the new, monetary beneficial horizons of elective non-surgical cosmetic surgery.

ENT training is also particularly important for anybody who is interested in procedures like rhinoplasty etc. because

  • Everyone has a different nasal anatomy and what procedure works for one might not work for the other. An ENT specialist has an ample of experience to diagnose in the right way and then choose the right cosmetic surgery approach for nose correction.
  • Because ENT specialist work with the head and neck, they have a detailed understanding of the anatomy of face and the neck and therefore their approach to facial cosmetic surgery includes not just the face but the neck and ears too.
  • Good communication and empathy are one of the strong traits of ENT specialists.

IAFCS - Best Facial Academy, Beauty Academy & Training Center in Mumbai, India By Dr Debraj Shome

Collaborating with IAFCS for facial aesthetic courses and facial aesthetic certifications not only gives you as an ENT specialist in Mumbai a chance to hone your cosmetic surgery skills but it also benefits your practice in many ways:

  • Our courses are taught by experts in the field and therefore you are only learning the best and the latest
  • You will get to develop a network of contacts that will help you in marketing and setting up your practice.
  • We will also provide pointers for marketing strategies and patient retention.
  • You can practice to your heart’s content in Botox certifications and filler courses with us. We provide ample of hands-on and didactic training to all participants.

So, if you are interesting in furthering your practice by including facial aesthetic treatments then IAFCS is the right place to do so