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For registered nurses an added qualification of facial aesthetic certification gives and immense boost to their earning potential and it is an excellent opportunity to be the part of the exponentially growing beauty industry with new skills and new area of practice

The aesthetic industry especially facial aesthetic cosmetic procedures in India have seen an immense increase in demand in the recent years. The public is more aware of the benefits of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and at the same time they are also more knowledgeable about the fact that having a qualified processional administer these procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers, peels etc. gives a more harmonious result and there are minimal chances of complications.

Best Botox and Fillers Training, Certification Courses in Mumbai, India by Dr Debraj Shome

This increasing consumer demand for non-surgical aesthetic treatments in India  have created an exciting career  opportunity scope for newly qualified or already practicing nurses. Cosmetic nursing is not exactly a new field and nurses in some countries like Canada have been an active part of the aesthetic field for more than two decades now.

In the latest estimates by the ASAPS (The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) predict an increase of over 13% in the injection cosmetic procedures alone. The numbers are only predicted to increase in the coming times. For qualified nurses a change to do a facial aesthetic certification is a window of opportunity that should not be overlooked.  Nurses are already working in looking after the health, mental and emotional well being of the patient and their this background combine with advanced aesthetic qualifications makes them a perfect tool for improving the overall self-esteem of their patients.

  • Nurses often face the problem of pay freezes and cosmetic qualification gives a chance of added income and increased wages.
  • The Botox industry alone is a 22 crore rupee industry and the money you could be making with the aesthetic qualifications will be pointedly higher than the regular salary.
  • Aesthetic certifications give a chance for the nurses to work in a relatively low pressure and low stress environment with a flexibility to choose their mode of work and timings.
  • Some patients who come in for cosmetic procedures suffer from low body image , depression and even anxiety about their looks and in such cases the clam , composed, compassionate bearing brings about a feel of trust from the patients.

To help you get a break in this aesthetic industry, International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Mumbai provides with many certifications and advanced courses by Best Plastic Surgeon in MumbaiDr Debraj Shome that will help you meet the latest requirements without having to go long course. All our course include didactic and hands on training to help you get enough starting practice and confidence in the new domain.  These courses in Botox certifications, dermal filler certifications, and other advanced cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing and dermato-surgery etc to make sure that all your skills are up to date for making your name in the field of Aesthetic Treatments.

 Don’t worry you don’t have to return to long college hours for improving your aesthetic credentials , you can enrol at the online or in person programs at IAFCS at your convenience. Each one of our courses is carefully designed and crafted by experts in the field of facial aesthetics. Each course is detailed and clearly spelled out so that adding the aesthetic certifications in your repertoire becomes a fruitful venture.

As a nurse you already have a basic clinical knowledge of the facial anatomy and our well researched courses  will deepen your understanding of facial anatomy, latest cosmetic treatment options, patient consultations and skin rheology. We focus on high standards of patient comfort and safety for all our students.  Through our courses you can learn

  • Body sculpting
  • Facial difference between male and female and skin types
  • Lip procedures
  • How to inject around the nose
  • Cosmetic treatments for ear, temples and under eye issues
  • Threads
  • Advanced dermal fillers
  • Facial balancing
  • Chin and jawline sculpting

IAFCS - Best Facial Academy, Beauty Academy & Training Center in Mumbai, India By Dr Debraj Shome

We don’t stop at just teaching you how to do it we will also give you a brief about how to set up your own practice, various career opportunities that you can opt for  and clinic management.  You will be able to practice on live volunteer models of different facial structures and skin types. After completing the certifications of your choice whether it is Botox certifications in Mumbai, or dermal fill certifications in Mumbai or a facial aesthetic certification you will able to find a new career in

  • Med spas
  • Dermatology practices
  • Aesthetic medicine clinics
  • Private aesthetic practices and hospitals and so many more options

A career  in  aesthetic treatments will open a whole new world of creatively satisfying, patient focused field of work that is immensely rewarding.