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Cosmetic procedures have become a very alluring addition to the existing practice of a dermatologist. For the common public, a dermatologist is someone who knowns all about skin, hair and nails and can treat all problems concerning them. Very few people know that a dermatologist can be a medical dermatologist, cosmetic dermatologist or a surgical dermatologist.  They study all aspects of skin, hair and nail in their degree but they might choose to practice in just one stream. For example, those practicing in medical dermatology might not be so well versed in aesthetic dermatology. 

Best Botox and Fillers Training, Certification Courses in Mumbai, India by Dr Debraj ShomeHowever, there is huge demand in the number of people seeking a dermatologist appointment for various aesthetic treatments such as wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation, scars, dark circles, skin rejuvenation etc.  It has become a common fact that people are more willing to spend on treatment of wrinkles than on psoriasis.  If you too are a dermatologist who is not practicing aesthetic dermatology then it is quite natural that your cosmetic skills might have gone into a state of atrophy because of lack of use. 

This is why practice is important and because the stakes are very high especially, when it comes to augmenting patient’s appearance and health. Our specially designed facial aesthetics courses for dermatologist can help you revive this art and skill and make it a value addition to your professional acumen.  Today more than 45% of people facing aesthetic concerns will count their dermatologist as the most trust course for a cosmetic procedure.  The integration of AI and precision technology has increased the demand for a well-qualified aesthetic doctor. Every day new techniques and treatments are being introduced to improve the appearance of skin, minimize signs of ageing etc. Enhancing your dermato-surgical skills by undergoing facial aesthetic certification courses for dermatologists at International Academy for Facial Cosmetic Surgery (IAFCS) by Best Plastic Surgeon in MumbaiDr Debraj Shome, will put you in the helm of the new procedures and by constantly learning, and improving your skill you will be developing new and refined techniques for controlling aesthetic concerns.

Advantages of patients treated under an aesthetic dermatologist:

With your dual expertise the patient benefits in many ways such as

  • Patients have more trust in you because you have the knowledge and experience in both medical and aesthetic dermatology. This means you can improve their skin’s health and at the time address their aesthetic concerns.
  • Patients get the advantage of a comprehensive skin care plan, where as a dermatologist you can suggest and administer a combination of products and treatments to give the best results. Having hands-on experience in aesthetic treatments encourages cohesiveness in the treatment plan.
  • Patients save money and time and more than happy to return and refer.

Transitioning or switching the practice to aesthetic or cosmetic dermatology is a common trend today. Apart from increasing consumer demand and awareness there are many other advantages of doing a facial aesthetic course for dermatologists:

  • Less bureaucracy: Cosmetic procedures are simple and easy to perform and do not require admissions, and therefore for dermatologist it means more strategic growth without the hassle of pre-authorization and hospital admissions.
  • Improved revenue: Cosmetic procedures are done on a self-pay basis which eliminates the need to wait for external payment. All your revenues are yours and the patients are also aware of your fees in a transparent manner.
  • Schedule flexibility and longer patients visits: There is no outside influence and you will see happier, relaxed and returning clients that know you and your employees. You can spend as much time as you want with the patient.

IAFCS - Best Facial Academy, Beauty Academy & Training Center in Mumbai, India By Dr Debraj Shome

If you too are a practicing dermatologist and are looking to transition to an aesthetic practice or include cosmetic procedures in your skill-set, then IAFCS is the best place to hone your skills. Keep in mind that a well run dermatology practice can be harmed if it becomes a poorly run cosmetic dermatology practice. We are the premier institutes offering

  • Botox courses for dermatologist in India
  • Dermal filler courses and certifications for dermatologist in India
  • Facial aesthetic certification course for dermatologist in India

All our certifications in Mumbai include hands on training under our expert facial cosmetic surgeons. You can also collaborate with us and attend Botox and dermal filler classes online. Our Facial aesthetic certifications also include  an over view of setting up your new practice such as marketing, clinic design, patient retention etc.