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Hair has and will always be one of the most vital elements of human beauty. It has always been associated with strength, grace, and youth. Having a thick and full head of hair is a mark of vitality, elegance, and youth. Men and women, young and old, all experience some form of hair loss at some point in their lives that disrupts their mental as well as physical health. Hair fall problems top the charts worldwide. It takes a great toll on the self-esteem of the individual and they often end up distancing themselves from their dear ones,

The recent advancements of technology have bought forward more awareness for newer hair restoration methods that can solve most hair fall woes and at all stages of hair fall and bring back the lost confidence and healthy hair. Hair restoration and hair transplant procedures are a boon for people looking for a permanent solution for loss and opting for these treatments is a choice that millions across the world are making even as you reading this. Improved skills in hair restoration mean that more and more people are seeing some amazing results with little risk or discomfort.



Hair restoration gives incredible results and the demand for the procedures is increasing day by day. However, there is a shortage of qualified, trained, and experienced hair transplants surgeon. If you are a practicing plastic surgeon or dermatologist then it makes just practical sense to include hair treatments in your practice and give it a different turn. The specialty training in hair transplant through the fellowship program at IAFCS is the best hair transplant training that will equip you to harness this growing market successfully.

Hair restoration is not just limited to the scalp but it covers other areas of the face such as beards, eyebrows, and moustaches too. Hair restoration approaches range from less invasive treatments to hormonal therapies to topical lotions and to replacing head hair. If you too are still thinking about joining the best hair transplant training courses at IAFCS in India then here are some facts to bring your attention to this lucrative method:

  • More than 53% of Indians are interested in hair fall prevention.
  • The Indian hair care market is expected to see a growth of CAGR of 6.587% in the period 2020-2025 which translates into a growth of 4.89 billion USD.

The reasons behind the ever-increasing demand for qualified hair restoration specialists who have undergone accredited hair transplant certifications at IAFCS:

  • Changed consumer dynamic and increased product awareness.
  • The increasing millennial population and their involvement in social media have made them very conscious of aging and its effects. They are doing their best to make sure that aging does not affect them and hence they are opting for hair restoration and hair transplant treatments timely to avoid catastrophe early on.
  • Rising women employment
  • The young urban population is willing to spend a decent number of products designed to focus on hair types and hair health.
  • Technological achievements: Qualified professionals use the latest technologies that give a natural appearance using hair transplants and hair restoration methods. Our hair transplant fellowship course means that your patients will get the most natural-looking results. No more the plugged and fake-looking appearance. The qualified medical professionals with the best hair transplant training courses on their side have access to the best practices in the world. International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery’s hair transplant fellowship course gives the students access to a diverse patient base that will not only improve their experience but also enhance their confidence.
  • Hair loss is not caged by the age barrier: Even people in their 20s are facing severe to moderate hair loss. Another factor to this is the increased life expectancy which means more patients in ‘old age’ are having hair issues and hence increased demand for hair restoration experts.
  • Decreasing stigma: The times have gone when hair transplant surgeries were only for the elite few. The growing consciousness of physical appearance and social media influence has removed this stigma. Hair treatments are now about getting the latest and desired hair look.
  • India has become the hotspot for quality of care and hospitality: India is the new favorite for hair treatments because of the various facilities that foreign guests get such as post-treatment care, personalized plans, affordable prices, and great quality of service.

With the increasing consumer base and demand, hair transplantation centers are opening all over the world. However, there are only a few training centers like IAFCS that offer fellowship and hair transplant training courses that fulfill the demand for trained professionals in various techniques. Our course is one of the best hair transplant training courses because it includes all techniques, and ways to practice them and use them judiciously as per the patient’s condition and expectations.

IAFCS or the International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery is one of the top places offering the best hair transplant certification courses that provide hands-on training in hair restoration that gives all attendees an overview of real-life situations. The two-day hair restoration training course is presided over by Dr. Debraj Shome.

Fellowship in Hair Transplantation

Our two-day course will open doors to a lucrative career for aspiring doctors, physicians, and surgeons to become established hair transplant surgeons. The training will cover all aspects of the field and give you one-on-one live hands-on practice with live patients.

Objectives of the Programme

This is a two-day fellowship program.

Day 1 Module 1 Non-Surgical hair rejuvenation includes

  • Discussing hair loss and its types
  • Identifying relevant surgical anatomy for the scalp
  • Types of hair loss include genetic and non-genetic causes of hair loss.
  • Learning different kinds of hair rejuvenation techniques that can be used for various types of hair loss
  • Use, indications, contraindications, and proper per operative preparation for methods such as PRP, QR678, Stem Cell, and Mesotherapy.
  • Understanding surgical anatomy of the scalp
  • Indications of hair growth include male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, hairline rejuvenation, androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, alopecia due to chemotherapy, alopecia due to systemic diseases, thyroid and PCOS and scarring alopecia
  • Understanding the art of designing the natural hairline
  • Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceutical, and details of other hair products and product availability in the markets.


Day 2 Module 1: Surgical Hair Rejuvenation includes

  • History and advances of hair transplant surgery
  • Types of hair transplant surgery including FUT and FUE methods
  • Armamentarium details
  • Surgical techniques are used for harvesting and implantation at various sites such as eyebrow, moustache, and sideburn hair transplants.
  • Identify safety issues, and potential complications of hair transplant surgeries and how to avoid the pitfalls.
  • Tips and tricks for successful hair restoration
  • Patient evaluation
  • Setting up the practice and cost inclusions
  • Pre and post-transplant medicinal management
  • Patient demonstration and live surgery

Day 2 Module 2: Hair transplantation surgery

  • Hands-on training for all patients. This will be under the guidelines of our experts. This will enable physicians to perform actual procedures live and the instructor will be able to evaluate the attendee. This will ensure that every participant learns and can demonstrate the skills necessary for successful hair restoration practice.


Qualified and practicing MBBS, MS, MD, and BDS doctors desirous branch in hair restoration can apply for this course.


2 days

How to enroll

You can enroll in this course through

  • Online booking
  • Telephonically through our call centre
  • Over email


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