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Our courses are suitable for all medical practitioners. If you are a qualified medical professional with registration from the approved body, then you can join our course. There is no requirement for prior experience for the basic course. For the advanced courses, you do need a certain level of practice.
Initially, we had only hands on courses. Since, we believed that the most important part of the course is the hands on practice on the live models. We believed that we could provide you with the study materials, but it would not give you the experience that you need to start your aesthetic practice. We conduct classes in Mumbai & New Delhi in India and it would be best if you sign up for a live class. Direct practice under the supervision and guidance of our expert team will help you learn the procedures in the best possible way and increase your confidence too. However, we also realize that for many people coming to attend courses after leaving their practice, can be difficult. And, expensive as well. We also realize that there are trainees at many different levels and at the initial levels, online training may suffice. Also, everyone has different paces of learning – For many of you, the online courses would be enough to get trained.
All IAFCS courses emphasise on safety first. Training our attendees to use the safe techniques in all procedure that we teach is a part of the course. We cover all possible side effects and complications, which may arise from the treatment and how to manage them.
We are not just a training academy. IAFCS will be right by your side as you employ the new procedures in your practice. We provide assistance in the form of networking events, business and career support. You will be joining an exclusive community of new and experienced practitioners to help you build a future in aesthetic medicine.
No, IAFCS will be providing you with training materials for the procedures and learning that we provide. We use the best products in the market that have been tested and recognized by experts all over the world for their training purposes.
No, we provide models for hands on trainings. All our models are volunteer patients who have signed up with us to join the training programs. We give a complete brief to our models about the process and training results. Still, if you want to bring your own model/s then please contact us at least two weeks before the course commences for suitable arrangements to be made. Alternatively, you can recommend your family and friends to us for being a patient model and they will get a heavily discounted treatment for the purpose of teaching. Visit http://www.facialacademy.org/become-a-model/ for more information.
If you are not able to attend the course on time then you need to inform us at least 2 weeks prior to the start. We will not be able to refund the course fees in case of cancellations. If you have any doubts about the travel time and the locations please call us at the given contact number and our staff will be happy to assist you.
We will email you the training material four days before the commencement of the course. Please read the documentation in advance. We expect our trainees to have a reasonable knowledge of facial anatomy to help them understand the course better.
Learning with IAFCS does not end with just us issuing a certificate to you at the end of the training. We offer various support packages to all our trainees. These include ● An advice line if you are facing any doubts, complications and side effects. We answer all queries within 48 hours. ● One to one sessions with our experts ● E-learning in the form of tutorial videos ● Online and WhatsApp community
Yes, if you have done the basic course and can show us the certification of the same. It is entirely your choice whether you want to repeat the basic course with us for more practice and a revision but it is purely your decision.
We accept international equivalent qualifications provided you can prove your registration with the appropriate registered body. However we would like to advice that if you have international qualification and are unsure about its application in our courses then please feel free to contact us at Email Us info@facialacademy.org Mobile: +91 7028065165
Our Beautify with Botox, Beautify with Fillers, Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring and Fellowship in Facial Aesthetics can be joined by yearned and accredited medical professionals. If you are unsure if you wearing, please email us.
All our courses include hands on training sessions with live models to equip you with the skills to treat your patients with great results. The courses contain interactive and didactic lectures on facial anatomy, physiology and how to talk with patients. We also focus on discussing how to make a consultation plan and treatment plan for the patients. Our course content also includes the business side of setting up your practice.
Yes. The certificate will be given to you after successfully completing each course. All our courses are graded according to the international standards. You will also receive training materials along with the certificate.
You can see the all the available course dates on our courses page. You can book a course with us by emailing us on info@facialacademy.org or call us at +91 7028065165. We accept debit and credit cards, bank transfer payment and UPI as payment processes at the academy. Nor our staff or any of our members will ever ask you for any confidential details like PIN or password. We suggest that you book the course minimum two weeks in advance for the payment to be processed.
Yes we customize the course according to various procedures like Injectable and fillers etc. Please visit the courses section of the website to know more about the courses that we offer. We can also customize on site courses for clinics according to their specific needs. You can contact us at info@facialacademy.org or call us at +91 7028065165 and let us know your requirement and we will get in touch with you.
As a medical professional your qualification already licenses you to practice invasive, non-invasive, and minimally invasive medical procedures. These are essential for practicing aesthetic medicines. The government of India offers no other special license or recognition for these courses. At IAFCS our courses offer you the skill and knowledge to offer the latest technologies and treatment methods to treat the patients of their aesthetic concerns.
India is slowly catching up with the world in terms of awareness and knowledge of Aesthetic treatments. Unfortunately unlike the western world there are no rules and guidelines are in place in India these treatments. Aesthetic treatments and cosmetology is not even considered as a specialty or sub speciality in any of the medical courses. Medical colleges are not equipped to train their students in aesthetics and thus they lack in expert knowledge, skills and expertise and experience to perform even basic aesthetic procedures. In such a scenario the course at IAFCS bridge in the gap of the practical training course and equip the medical practitioners to enhance their knowledge and ability to treat the patients with latest techniques in their practice.
We have maximum of 6-8 people per class for maximum interaction. Our course schedule is divided such that you get maximum time to practice under the instructor's supervision.