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International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery is committed in advancing Facial Cosmetic Surgery as a global discipline and using the latest medicines, equipment and treatment methods that benefit the patient and practitioners both.

In today’s world, the need of self-improvement among everybody is constantly increasing and at IAFCS, our teaching philosophy is all about using the amalgamation of the imagination of an artist and the precision of surgeon. Our courses are designed to suit the daily and long-term need of a facial aesthetician and focuses more on practical hands-on experience than just the lectures.

We give our trainees the necessary skill and acumen to start their own practice and improve their existing practice by strengthening their basics to cope up with the daily changing dynamics of facial cosmetic surgery.

At International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, we conduct all our courses in small groups for more individualized attention. We use modern tool to provide individual one on one training so that the environment replicates the real life surroundings as close as possible. This enables the trainees to learn better. We include discussion on facial assessment and various modalities of treatment in every course so that the attendees can understand all aspect of cosmetic treatment.

We stand by our dedication to provide quality aesthetic training with our knowledgeable and experienced instructors in every class. We go over the best practices and techniques to imbibe in the existing practice. Our unique training model lets us provide our attendees with a comprehensive facial cosmetic surgery course.  We are here to make sure that you are always up to date with our training materials and your practice is a success.