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Fellowship in Advanced Cosmetology

Permanent and semi-permanent makeup is the latest thing that has taken over the beauty industry. Career opportunities in the field of cosmetology  are on high rise and trained beauty professionals are in high demand. Permanent makeup gives the people the freedom to recreate, correct and enhance their eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, cheekbones to get the desired shape and ‘look’ of their appearance. More and more men and women around the world are opting for permanent makeup and the demand for good permanent makeup technicians is higher than ever and it is only expected to grow from here.

In recent research, about 44% of women feel they are not looking good when they are not wearing makeup. The fast paced, busy and social media images oriented world only adds to the stress of looking perfect. Everyone wants to look better nowadays; it helps them increase their confidence and it is not just in the field of glamour and cinema. Makeup helps people feel better about themselves. Makeup is an important factor to keep in mind when a person wants to look attractive in front of people and cover up their imperfections and feel more in control. Not everybody is adept in putting on makeup perfectly before going out and some don’t want to spend so much time in makeup at all times. And in such cases semi-permanent and permanent make up becomes the ideal solution.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a type of intradermal pigmentation in which pigments are applied under the dermal layer of the skin and gives an instant result by enhancing the facial features. Permanent makeup is also used successfully to cover blemishes and other skin conditions such as scars and vitiligo. Permanent makeup was initially used to treat alopecia i.e., the condition of hair loss (scalp and eyebrows).  Common permanent makeup candidates in India are those who

  • Do not wish to apply the throw away makeup products every morning
  • Have brows, lashes, and lips that lack definition and are light in appearance
  • Are heavily involved in outdoor activities like swimming, running, trekking but still like to maintain their appearance and look picture perfect.
  • Have some skin allergy to makeup products that prevents them from wearing makeup
  • Don’t have the time or energy to apply and reapply makeup every day
  • Have oily skin that makes makeup application quite difficult.
  • Have skin conditions like vitiligo where the white patches are not responding to therapy and need to be camouflaged.

Benefits of Permeant Makeup

  • It saves a lot of time in the morning and therefore is ideal for working women and busy moms and other people with extremely busy schedules.
  • It saves a lot of money
  • No need to worry about breakouts and allergies

Up until a few years ago it was difficult for young professionals to enter and make their mark in this field. The International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery (IAFCS) has introduced a top of the line Fellowship in advanced cosmetology course to train professionals in this field.

The course has been specially designed and developed by our experts to include all the aspects of professional makeup techniques and trends, as well as beauty treatments like medifacials. We understand that professional training and live hands on experience is very essential to get a hold in this highly competitive platform.

Highlights of the Course:

  • Know about the recent trends in the beauty and cosmetic industry as well as the ability to recognize the need of customers.
  • Ways to get more satisfied customers and recurring clients and growing a profitable business in this field.
  • Hands on experience on real models under the guidance of our experts to boost your confidence level in using the necessary skills and knowledge needed post completion of the course.
  • Learn about beauty products in national and international markets including celebrity style makeup.
  • Get a comprehensive guide in starting your own journey in the field of advanced cosmetology, medifacials and permanent makeup and setup a profitable enterprise.
  • Our training module will also guide you to enhance your current practice using a various digital media platform.


Dr Rinky Kapoor and Dr Gunjan Shah are the expert dermatologists who will be the guides in this course.  Dr Rinky Kapoor has been in this specialty for more than a decade and has helped countless people transform their lives with the help of her expertise in cosmetology and dermatology. The course curriculum spans theoretical and about 25 hours of hands on training.


Why should you enrol for this course with us?

This simple fellowship program gives many benefits to the trained professionals.

  • You will have the option to start your own setup.
  • Film and fashion industry as a consultant or an expert in makeup and beauty procedures like medifacials .
  • You can offer freelance makeup and beauty services to clients and earn more revenue

What will you learn?

The course is focused on the practical aspects of cosmetology in permanent make up and medifacials as well as BB glow therapy. Every topic is presented by the experts through the means of theoretical description and then followed by the demonstration of techniques on real patients. This is a great help for professionals who are just entering in the field of cosmetology as this teaching method by our experts gives them a clear understanding of implementation of  theoretic knowledge. The scope of fellowship in advanced cosmetology includes:


  • Skin Anatomy and functions: Which is necessary to understand the tone and texture of different skin types.
  • Face therapies and beauty technologies used including assessment of symmetry and proportion.
  • Techniques used for skin care, their understanding and development of correct skills
  • Professional ethics and protocols
  • Personal and clinic hygiene guidelines
  • Medi-facials: Types, process, techniques (taught with hands on training) and ingredients.
  • BB (semi-permanent foundation): Process and hands on training on application and shade variations
  • Practical experience on Microblading with hands on practice on a live model. This is the most popular form of PMU. This technique creates and illusion of fuller brows.
  • Ombre powder brows techniques with practice on live model hands on to use airbrushing technique to give fuller and natural look to the brows.
  • Eyebrow mapping
  • Colour science for permanent makeup
  • Lip micropigmentation which is a common technique for enhancing natural lip colours and their shape.
  • Client conversion tricks and techniques
  • Pre and after care after different permanent makeup applications
  • Photography in permanent makeup which is an important aspect for client retention.



Qualified  and practising medical graduates,, MS, MD doctors desirous to learn cosmetology treatments like medifacials, BB glow and permanent make up ( micropigmentation) can apply for this course.

This course is also a perfect fit for salon owners, beauty practitioners and makeup artists who are looking to upgrade their services and expand their business.


The course duration is for 5 days and it is scheduled as follows:

Day 1 and Day 2: Overview of skin and its conditions , Medi facials and BB glow treatments

Day 3 , Day 4 and Day 5: Permanent make and its techniques.

How to Enroll

You can enrol for this course through

  • Online booking
  • Telephonically through our call centre
  • Over email

Fellowship in advanced cosmetology from IAFCS will put you on a golden career path to success.  Therefore, what are you waiting for ? Master the art of cosmetology with us and make a successful career in this industry.